The student initiative is the focus of our work, so as a student, you are in the right place with us – you are in the spotlight!

In almost all the university cities there is a student group, you just have to take a look at their page, there you will find all the necessary information about the respective program. Usually, the groups meet once a week to think together about the essential questions of life, to get to know God better and simply to enjoy the student community.

Apart from this meeting, there are always events at universities (such as lectures, interest groups, etc.) or you simply can enjoy for a coffee, movie together. If there is no CSC group in your university yet, then maybe we could start a group with your help, you need to contact someone from our team!

In addition, there are some events that take place at national level, such as: english summer camp, ski camp, Bible and Life conference, etc. that take place every year. You must not miss these opportunities!