Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Deal with the Anxiety

Here’s a reliable way to deal with the anxiety, stress of the Coronavirus or any worry, and live with greater peace…

For many, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has escalated to an alarming concern. The outbreak continues to add new countries, new deaths to its list.

However, you might feel anxiety over some other threat. Daily we are confronted with all sorts of reasons to feel stressed.

The list is so long…terrorism, climate change, racism, wars, government dysfunction, poverty, sexual assault, human slavery, natural disasters, personal finances, illness, job security, stressful relationships, addictions, etc.

It’s painful to itemize these.

We are no longer merely aware of what’s affecting us personally. The Internet has made us global citizens. We’re aware of serious problems in every corner of the world…every day…every minute.

News outlets feed our fear, our human tendency to pay attention to what is alarming.

However, most of what causes anxiety is very personal. It’s what’s going on in our lives.

It’s that sinking feeling that we can’t control the circumstances. We feel at risk. Powerless. It is the fear of something being done to us, and we can’t escape it nor do anything to change it.

Is there a way to experience peace in the midst of this? Yes.

Peace in the Midst of the Coronavirus

This article will give you real, reliable ways to gain peace in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak or other anxious-causing circumstances.

First let’s add a word about medications. If you usually struggle with anxiety, if your anxiety causes you to spiral into depression and thoughts of self-harm, please see a doctor for medical help. There might be a chemical imbalance that requires medication. Sometimes there are patterns, pathways in our brains that might need medical help in order to form new pathways of thought.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – How to Deal with the Anxiety